Patients can expect to improvements over time, though results vary from client to client. You may also see an improvement of large pores and pigmented acne scars. Patients with severe sun damaged skin manifested by actinic keratosis, texture, and tone changes including mottled pigmentation and skin laxity can potentially see excellent results.

To achieve the best results of acne, pre-cancerous (actinic keratoses) sun damage, skin tone and texture, a series of 3-6 treatments 2-4 weeks apart are most effective. Some patients with only actinic keratoses are happy with just one treatment. More treatments can be done at periodic intervals in the future to help maintain the rejuvenated appearance of the skin.

Following your procedure, the treated areas can appear red with some peeling for 2-7 days. Some patients have an exuberant response to PDT, and experience marked redness of their skin. Temporary swelling of the lips and around your eyes can occur. Darker pigmented patches called liver spots can become temporarily darker and then peel off, leaving the normal skin.

Acne is a condition which is stimulated primarily by hormonal change, so as you age there is a possibility of a re-occurrence with acne. We recommend our patients to continue with recommended home care and the occasional treatment in order to minimize this possibility.