When you meet with your physician, he/she will discuss your needs and evaluate your skin. There are many types of peels to choose from, so by doing an assessment, your physician will select the correct chemical peel for you.

Whether or not you will feel any discomfort depends on the type of peel procedure you have. Our professional physicians understand the process and do everything in their power to ease the level of discomfort if you experience any discomfort at all.

After you have completed the procedure, you will notice that your skin feels a little tight and/or that there is some redness over the treated areas. Your skin may flake a little bit for several days allowing for your new skin to completely reveal itself. We recommend that you keep your skin hydrated to reduce this from occurring.

Usually, people who have this treatment require approximately 6 treatments. Treatments do however depend on your skin. After visiting with a physician and having them assess your skin your physician should be able to give you a more accurate number on the treatments you will require.

The time for treatment varies. It depends on the kind of treatment you are receiving and on the size of the area being treated. An estimated time for a procedure would be half an hour. Your physician will be able to give you a more accurate time after assessing your skin.