How Long Does Botox Last?

Botox has been the number one non-surgical procedure since it’s FDA approval in 2002. Each year more than 1.5 million men and women get Botox injections. While Botox treatments are wildly popular, do they last?

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What Is Botox?

Botox is an injectable treatment for lines and wrinkles. It is comprised of a purified protein that works by blocking signals from the nerves to the muscles on the face so that they won’t contract. Wrinkles then relax and soften reducing the appearance of the frown lines on the forehead, the lines between the brows, and the lines around the eyes.

How Much Does Botox Cost?

The cost of Botox will vary by the region of the country in which you live as well as by the clinic that administers your injections. Your overall cost will also depend on your individual needs and your desired results. For example, the “11s” between the eyebrows may require more units of Botox than the horizontal lines on the forehead. Crow’s feet around the eyes often require the least number of units. So, your total cost will depend on your own unique set of needs. At Skinatomy Laser Clinic, we are currently charging $99 for 20 units of Botox for first-time patients! Once you arrive for your consultation, our medical team will create a unique treatment plan for you and provide you with the cost of your plan.

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How Long Does Botox Last?

When getting Botox injections, the location of the injection and the amount of Botox being injected will affect how long it will last. Wrinkle depth and the elasticity of your skin can also affect the length of time that the treatment lasts. Generally speaking though, Botox treatments will last from 3-6 months with results appearing within 3 to 7 days after treatment. Patients are advised to schedule follow up treatments every six months or sooner if they feel that their results are fading too quickly. With repeated treatments, it is possible that you may need less Botox to achieve the results you desire.

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