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There are many dermal fillers on the market. Some of them have more benefits than others and one of them is Kiss from Teosyal. What makes Teosyal Kiss different are its incremental benefits; reshaping lip contours, increasing lip volume, treating wrinkles around the mouth, supporting lip corners and re-hydrating the lips. Every time you come in for a touch up less of the product is used- making it a great temporary option. 

The Procedure
The treatment usually lasts approximately 15 to 45 minutes making it is a very quick appointment. As with many dermal fillers, you will experience a little bit of swelling and inflammation. Since it is a non-surgical procedure there is very little recovery time. The product can last for up to 18 months.*

Safe for You and the Environment
Feel good knowing this Switzerland based company does their research without using animals or including animal-based ingredients in their product. The reason they don’t do animal testing is because the product is made of pure natural hyaluronic acid. They even have their needles made extra small to reduce the impact on patient inflammation.
*Individual results may vary

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