Purifying Detox Deep Pore Treatment

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What is a Purifying Detox Deep Pore Treatment?

If you want soft, clear, fresh skin, a purifying detox deep pore treatment may be the answer. Our aestheticians will remove impurities like dirt, dead skin cells and oil from your pores. The treatment usually starts with an exfoliant to remove anything clogging the first layer of skin from your face. After your face is steamed to get rid of any remnant dirt or oil that is clogging your pores deep down that can create bumps or pimples. Afterward, one of our trained aestheticians will take out any extra blackheads blocking your pores with a comedone extractor.

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How it Works

Our masks will reduce the size of your pores for smooth, supple skin. The clay’s oil-absorbing features and salicylic acid prevent acne and clean your skin thoroughly. Salicylic acid works by increasing the moisture level in your skin and breaking up the bond that helps cells stick together so we can remove the dead and rough skin top layer of skin to give you a healthy, new, clear complexion. For a stronger facial treatment, an increased dosage of salicylic acid can be used that acts very similar to a chemical peel.



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